Our policies are simple and transparent

1. Definitions and general conditions

  1. Czater.pl is service that allows to create and embed on the website a live chat that provides contact with customers in real time.

  2. This Regulation applies to services available under the domain czater.pl, hereinafter called the Service. Rules are available at the www.czater.pl/regulamin/. The Administrator reserves the right to introduce amendments to the Regulations after its publication at the above address.

  3. The owner and administrator of the Service is EBROS Mariusz Rosa street Olimpijska 27, 05-220 Zielonka, hereinafter called the Administrator.

  4. Condition of your use of the Service is acceptance of the Terms of Service by user, providing the necessary details in the registration process and a statement that these figures are true. Gathering the data is necessary to complete the registration process. The user is the person who set up the account on the Service.

  5. Given by the User data is processed by the Administrator for the needs of the Service. These data are not transferred to other entities. User has the right to access, edit and delete data provided.

  6. User agrees to take over all legal obligations and costs of court proceedings in the event of third person claims against the Administrator arising out of acts performed by you on the Site

  7. During use of the Service on the User's computer are saved cookies necessary for proper performance of services by the Administrator.


2. Terms of Use

  1. User have the right to use the account in any way, but consistent with the principles of Service, Polish law, morality and social norms.

  2. The user has the right to post on the website, auctions, blog and other places online chat window created through the Service, but only using the HTML code shared on the Site. Modifying the code, removing fragments to add your own changes is not permitted.

  3. You may contact the Administrator using the form given on the contact page (http://www.czater.pl/site/kontakt)

  4. Creating and Using chat as part of a basic account is free.

  5. You can extend the functionality of your account to account, "Plus +" The cost of the extension is regulated by the price list. The extension to the account "Plus +" is not mandatory.


3. Administration of Service

  1. Administrator is not responsible for:

    1. content transmitted and received by users via chat created on the Website,

    2. proper functioning of our features,

    3. the effects of improper use of the Service by its Users,

    4. loss of content posted and received by User and the consequent possible damage to property.

  2. Administrator reserves the right to:

    1. turn off service without notification,

    2. changes in the available functionalities, as well as their removal,

    3. deactivating the service, after informing users on the Site.