New features: call backs, recording visits

2017-11-06 14:49:30In recent weeks Chater has been given new functions. There are some of them:

Ordering calls - call back We invite you to test and share your experiences with us.


New automation functions

2017-07-26 16:25:48We encourage you to check the new functionalities of the service, i.e.:

  • New skin
    A refreshed modern skin of the chat window, which could easily be adjusted to the individual theme of your website.

  • „Always online” mode
    Its activation makes the chat window always ready for a conversation (irrespective of whether a consultant is available within a given moment).

  • Opening the sections in accordance with the settings indicated in the administrator panel.
    Possibility of indicating which section should be automatically opened after the client enters a specific website.

  • New settings of triggers
    Possibility of indicating several websites where triggers will be performed simultaneously and choosing when the trigger is to be performed: a trigger for a new visit, returning client, or with each visit. Possibility of adding graphics for the message.

  • Application for Linux
    Chater.bizl application for Linux, with which the use of the chat will not require using the browser.

We encourage you to test the above mentioned functionalities and share your comments.


Tags, standard answers and agents stats

2017-05-24 12:22:36We are pleased to inform you about new features that appeared on the site.

Here are some of them:
  • Start screens
    We can ask the customers to enter their information when the conversation begins or they send us an offline message.
    Additionally, if no consultant answers the call within a minute, will ask the customer for the information.

  • Tags
    Used for marking conversation and making searching for them easier in the future.

  • Expansion of statistics
    Data regarding the online and offline work time of consultants.

  • Export to PDF
    Conversation history, offline messages, consultant work statistics.

  • Typical answers
    Automatic answer prompts during writing (based on answers previously defined by the consultant).

  • Offline message settings
    Possibility of deactivating the conversation link.

  • List of blocked customers and IP addresses
    Possibility to remove the block previously applied by the customer.

Feel free to use and submit comments or any problems.


Customised design

2016-12-12 07:23:44We are pleased to inform you about new features that appeared on the site.

Here are some of them:
  • chat speed improvement (messages appear immediately after writing)
  • viewing ongoing conversations live (for administrator)
  • possibility of reading clients messages before it is sent (optional)
    Chat settings
  • ability to define the number of parallel conversations with customers
    Chat settings
  • full customization of your chat CSS (design)
    Custom theme
  • Extra fields on offline form:
    Offline settings
  • Clients on-line - preview now in real time
    Clients on-line
  • possibility to change the order of consultants (the first available is displayed in the chat window)
  • Affiliate program, giving the benefits of recommending
    Affiliate program Feel free to use and send us comments.