Live chat

it's a fast and easy way to communicate with your clients.
Without a problem you'll be able to install it on your website,
just use our HTML code.

For every device

  • The chat is adapted to mobile browsers
  • Integration with Google Hangouts and receiving notifications about new conversations
  • Desktop applications for Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Mobile application for Android
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Virtual assistant allows to integrate chat with Google Dialogflow chat bot.
That enables it to create a virtual asisstant, which can hold talks with customers and answer their question 24h a day.
Bot understands customers natural language and can dectect their intensions
to fit its answers the best as possible.

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Detailed configuration

A lot of the chat's features can be changed and customised to your liking,
such as colors, fonts, sounds, shapes and many more.
You can also modify your chat by using your own CSS code.

Automatic translator

Our chat can translate live, when a client writes in a language consultant doesn't understand.
Consultant chooses his own language, and the client's language is automatically detected.

Tłumacz live

Integration with communicators

Our chat allows to integrate with popular websites like Stack or Facebook.
Hold all of your conversations in one app!



Aside from polish or english, our service offers its chat in over 20 other languages.

Różne wersje językowe

Previewing customer messages

Consultants can see what clients write before they send the messege.


You can create surveys, that will be available to fill up by the client after the chat ends.


Recording customer visits

Nagrywanie wizyt

You can easily change and customise the hours of chat's availability

Our service can also detect non working days

Godziny pracy czatu


  • An invitation for a chat - automatically displayed window
  • After doing a specific action (for example if you scroll a specifical amount of pixels) chat will automatically pop up.

Attactive price

You can use the basic version of live chat for free and the expanded version for only 5 euro per month.

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