What are sections?

What are sections?

Thanks to sections, the user of your website may submit questions to the appropriate people. Similarly, your consultants will respond to questions regarding a given field they specialise in.

Sections may be created in any number. After opening the chat, the user will see the available sections and choose the desired one, or depending on the settings, the user will be automatically connected to the appropriate consultant.

A customer accessing a website of a shop with construction materials would like to find out more about tools. The customer may submit a question directly to the person in charge of a given issue, meaning to the right section.
sections in chat

How to create sections and assign consultants to them?

From the "Consultants" dropdown panel, choose "Sections". By clicking the "Add new section" yellow button, you will be transferred to the form. Name your section. Add section

After creating sections, assign appropriate consultants to them. In order to do that, choose the appropriate person from the list.
In the last "Section" form field, choose the section dedicated to a given consultant. Department selection

How to connect a customer to a section automatically, depending on which page they are browsing?

In section settings, the browsing page field is the key element.
The browsing page field, defines whether the user of your services will see available sections to choose from after opening the chat, or whether they will be redirected to the section assigned to a given URL address automatically. placing a department on the website

Independent selection:

If a user is to choose a section of their interest independently, leave this field empty.

Auto connection:

If the section is to be assigned automatically to a given website, add the appropriate suffix from the URL address.