What is the RestApi used for?

RestAPI will allow for a full integration with your own system or external systems used in your work.

This tool will allow you to export the data obtained through chat, for example: content of discussions and offline messages and customer data to the CRM used.

RestAPI also allows you to automate processes, for example if our company has a hotline, when the customer is dialling and it is recorded in the telephone exchange system, it is possible to automatically start API method for this task and it will be recorded in the CRM.

What methods are available?

Currently, the following methods are available:
  • Downloading customer database

    "type": "clients",
    "apiKey": "xxxxxx",
    "offset": "0"

    The individual API key can be downloaded at: (content available for logged users).

    3 obligatory parameters:
    - type: "clients"
    - apiKey - your API key
    - offset - the number of the customer from whom the download begins.

    Data is returned in packages of 100 records in JSON format.

What methods will be available in the future?

Because we are still working on the API development, the following methods will be available in the future:
  • Adding, editing customer database
  • Adding, editing, downloading the consultants list
  • Adding, editing, downloading the automatic actions list
  • Adding, editing, downloading the reminder list
  • Downloading online conversations
  • Downloading offline messages
  • Downloading statistics