Livechat in the

How to install livechat in the

br At the beginning, on your computer create (for example using a notepad) a file named chat with the .js extension (chater.js). Paste your chat script into this file.

<script>window.$czater = {tok: "Your_chater_ID", domain: "", login: undefined, email: undefined};</script><script src="" async></script>

IMPORTANT:Remove two tags from the default code generated on your account. At the beginning, it opens "script"and at the end, it closes "/script".

Then, after logging in to the administration panel of our Shoplo store, we proceed to edit the code of the used template. Here, in the section Javascript files, click on Add file and upload the previously prepared chater.js file. livechat

Click on Save Changes. livechat

Then, in the Main template section, select the file with source code - that is base.tpl.
Now in the body section, just before it ends, you will find lines of code referring to other javascript files, for example:

Below them, paste a new line referring to the chat file:
{"czater.js"|asset_url:script_tag} livechat

Click on Save Changes. Livechat should be already displayed in your shop.