Livechat for Windows

How to use chater applications on Windows?

The application is available on Windows 7/8/10.


  1. Download

  2. Save app on your desktop.

  3. Run the downloaded file.

  4. During the installation, you may receive a warning about an unrecognized application. Click the "More information" link.

  5. Select "Run anyway".

  6. You will see a standard installation screen. When finished, you can use the program.

Important information:
-By clicking “X” you can switch the software to run in the background. When a new conversation appears, a notification will be displayed on the screen.
-When you move away from the computer, the chat will switch into offline mode automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.

After launching the application, you can create a shortcut on the desktop or pin it to your taskbar to simplify access to it.

Livechat Windows

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