Live chat plugin for Prestashop

How to install livechat in the Prestashop?

After logging in to the administration panel, from the menu select Modules and services. Click on the "+" symbol with the words Add a new module. Select from the disk of your computer module file and click on the Submit module button.

Download plugin for PrestaShop

Plugin Prestashop

Then on plugin configuration, in the chat code section paste our chat script.

<script>window.$czater = {tok: "Your_chater_ID", domain: "", login: undefined, email: undefined};</script><script src="" async></script>

After saving the changes, the chat should appear on our website.

If despite the instructions, the chat does not display, go to settings in the admin panel of your store
Advanced -> Performance -> CCC FUNCTIONALITY and make sure that in the "Move JavaScript to the end" position, "NO" has been selected.