Integrating callback with Google Analytics through Tag Manager.

How to integrate callback with Google Analytics through Tag Manager?

In order for Google Analytics to collect data from the callback service, apply additional settings in Tag Manager.

In the work area, go the "Tags" and add a new one.

new tag

Then, click "Configure tile" and choose "Google Analytics - Universal Analytics" from the menu on the right.
Set "Event" as the type of following. In the "Google Analytics Settings" field, choose your variable with an additional follow identifier or create a new one and specify the identifier there (cookie file domain: auto).
Fill out "Event following parameters" in the next step (category, action, label and value).
It is added by clicking the "block with plus sign".


and choosing the blue plus sign from the top right corner.

blue plus button

Then, click the tile and select "Variable of data layer" from the menu on the right.

variable of data layer

In the variable name field, enter the following:
- for the category field: eventCategory
- for the action field: eventAction
- for the label field: eventLabel
- for the value field: eventValue

Then, save changes. Note: When clicking "save" a window will pop up for changing the variable name. Enter the same name, i.e. eventCategory, eventAction, etc.

variabe configuration

After adding the above four parameters, it should look as follows:

configured tag

The configuration is complete. Another tile can be seen under this tile, called "Rules". After clicking it, add a new rule with a blue plus sign and choose "Non-standard events" from the list on the right (section: Other).
Specify "ChaterEvent" as the name and mark "All non-standard events", and then save them under the same name.

configured rule

It should look like this:

configured whole

Now you can publish changes.