Dynamic content change in triggers

How to change the content of triggers in chat code?

You can change the content of the triggers by modifying the chat code. This is especially helpful if there is a need to define different content for multiple sites.

To the default chat code you can add additional parameters.

Parameters changing dynamically the content of triggers:

  • overwriteAdvertHeader: New text header - for changing the header of popup:
    <script>window.$czater = {tok: "Your_chater_ID", domain:"https://www.czater.pl/", login: undefined, email: undefined,overwriteAdvertHeader: "New text header"};</script><script src="https://www.czater.pl/assets/modules/chat/js/chat.js" async></script>

  • overwriteAdvertText: New message content - to change the contents, of the displayed message in popup:
    <script>window.$czater = {tok: "Your_chater_ID", domain:"https://www.czater.pl/", login: undefined, email: undefined,overwriteAdvertText: "New message content"};</script><script src="https://www.czater.pl/assets/modules/chat/js/chat.js" async></script>

  • overwriteWelcomeMessage: New welcome content - to change the content of the welcome message:
    <script>window.$czater = {tok: "Your_chater_ID", domain:"https://www.czater.pl/", login: undefined, email: undefined,overwriteWelcomeMessage: "New welcome content"};</script><script src="https://www.czater.pl/assets/modules/chat/js/chat.js" async></script>

Parameters that we want to keep unchanged should be set to undefined or deleted from the chat code.

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