How to embed chat on Allegro auction / eBay?

Is it possible to install chat at auction?

Yes, that is possible. In addition to the standard code to paste on the page, chater also generates a code for HTML forms. After pasteing this code into the auction description, a chat button will be displayed on the auction and customers will be able to chatting online.

How to embed chat on Allegro auction / eBay?

If you want to post chat status on your auctions on Allegro or eBay, log in to your account, and then choose HTML chat code and copy highlighted in red rectangle HTML code.

<a target="_blank" href=""><img style="zoom: 0.5; zoom: 0.5;-ms-zoom: 0.5;-webkit-zoom: 0.5;-moz-transform: scale(0.5,0.5);-moz-transform-origin: left center;border-radius: 40px;" alt="Livechat" src=""></a>

The Standard editor of auction, determine the place where chat code you want to see. Type any string for example. XXX .

Switch to the HTML editor and find that you've typed string XXX. Use this shortcut key Ctrl + F .

In place of the string XXX, paste copied from czater HTML code.

Switch to the Standard editor and verify if chat code is displayed correctly.

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