Affiliate Programme Rules


The Affiliate Program (the "Program") is used to promote the website ("Chater", "Service") and allows participants of the Program ("Partners") to benefit from payments made by users of the Website who are encouraged to use it by the Partners.

The promotion is realized with the use of Partner's websites or internet auctions, by placing advertising materials of the Service on the Partner's website or auctions.

If the Service determines that new users have registered and then made payments to the Service at any time, the Service shall be obliged to reward such Partner - in the manner and under the terms and conditions set forth in these Program Regulations. These regulations define the relations between the Partners and Chater in association with participation in the Program.


1. - the Organizer of the Program is the owner of the Chater - Ebros Company based in Zielonka: Olimpijska Street 27, 05-220 Zielonka, Poland.

2. Partners

a. Participants of the Programme - Partners may be all natural persons and legal entities which have their own websites or make sales through internet auctions. In order to start as a Partner, must have an account in the Service (Registration).

b. Participation in the Program means the Partner's agreement to the rules of these Regulations.


1. Rules for participation

a. Participation in the Program is based placing by a Partner on his website or auctioning the HTML code provided by Service (available on Partner account)

b. By clicking on a banner or another form of advertisement placed on the affiliate's website, a person clicking on it should be fully redirected to one of the websites that are part of the Chater.

c. The Partners are not allowed to charge any fees to persons clicking on the hyperlink connected to the service. Partners may also not make redirecting to the Chater dependent on any other activity, except for clicking by the internet user. It is also forbidden to provide hyperlinks leading to the Service with any comments. Partners who have more than one website may not encourage their websites to click on other websites in the hyperlinks leading to the Service.


a. The service will give the Partner points for each transfer made by users registered in the Service through redirection from the Partner's website.


1. The payments made by the Service users have a point value in accordance with the following conversion rate: EUR 1 = 1 point

2. Each payment made by the Registered Service User, obtained through the Partner, is transferred to the Partner:
  • 15% of value of payment for activation a Standard account by the User registered with the Partner (according to the conversion rate in paragraph III. 1).
  • 12% of value of payment for activation a Premium account by the User registered with the Partner (according to the conversion rate in paragraph III. 1).
  • 10% of value of payment for activation a Ultra account by the User registered with the Partner (according to the conversion rate in paragraph III. 1).

3. If in the future a different form of payment than transfers is introduced, the Regulations will be supplemented by paragraphs stating what percentage of payments made through these channels is transferred to the Partner.

4. Points are recorded on Partner's account on the Service. The Partner can check his/her points on account at any time - after logging in to the Service.


1. The points accumulated on the Partner's account - calculated in accordance with § III. 2 may be used as follows:

a. first of all, they may be taken into account in settlements between the Partner and the Service Centre - they may be taken into account in the settlements between the Partner and the Service

b. Points can also be converted into money - in European money (EUR) and paid out in cash, at the Partner's request, only on condition that the points exceed 100 and not more often than once a month. 1 Point = 1 EUR

2. The selection how to use use the accumulated points depends exclusively on the Partner.

3. A partner who is a VAT payer, in the case of using the option specified in §IV. 1. b. above, should issue a VAT invoice to the Service by way of commissions - for agency services rendered to the Service, for an amount representing the gross equivalent of funds paid to the Partner.

4. A non VAT-paying partner, in the case of using the option specified in § IV. 1. b. above, should issue to the Service a commission bill - for services rendered to the Service, for an amount representing the gross equivalent of the funds paid to the Partner. The model of the bill is made available by the Service as attachment no. 2. Invoice or bill should be sent to the following address: Ebros Olimpijska 27,05-220 Zielonka Street with the reference "Affiliate Programme".


1. reserves the right to terminate the contract with the Partner and to cancel all points collected on the Partner's account, in particular in the case of placing advertising banners of the Service on pages containing content or materials by the Partner: :

a. illegal, such as pornographic or incitement to violence or racist behaviour;

b. violating the rights of third persons or good manners, for example: offensive, defamatory or which may disturb religious feelings;

c. infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights, such as trademarks or patents;

d. only in foreign languages - other than English;

e. influencing the negative rating of the Service;

f. otherwise violate the provisions of these Regulations or the rules of the Service.

2. Violation of the Rules of Procedure which justifies the cancellation of points shall constitute in particular:

a. placing a hyperlink activated automatically after entering the Partner's website;

b. modification of the hyperlink code provided by the Service, which changes its functionality in any way,

c. placing a banner or other advertising form on websites owned by the Service,

3. Restrictions specified in this paragraph also apply to text links placed on the Partners' websites, in accordance with par. II of these Rules of Procedure.


1. Members of the Programme may at any time resign from participation in the Programme and terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without the need to state a reason using e-mail for this purpose. The Service may terminate the contract only if the Partner violates any of the provisions of the Regulations.

2. In the situation of cancellation the agreement in accordance with clause 1 - the Partner may demand that the points be converted into money and may apply for the disbursement of funds accumulated in the account, but the payment may be made only on time and under the conditions specified in § IV.

3. In the event of a Partner's resignation from participation in the Program, or termination of the agreement with the Partner by the Service, at the latest within 7 days from the termination of the agreement, the Partner is obliged to remove all banners and other forms of advertising concerning the Service from its websites.

4. In situations where the Partner violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or Rules of Service, Chater may terminate the contract with the Partner immediately, without notice. In such a case, the Service may apply additional sanctions to the Partner, in particular, it may block the Partner's account in the Service and cancel the earned points.


1. Chater. biz is not responsible for any responsibility:

a. if the user is not registered in the Service as a result: 1. the user's operating system fails to function correctly, or

2. any irregularities caused by the user during registration in the Service or Program,

3. other reasons beyond`s control.

b. if there are technical problems related to displaying banners or redirecting from the Partner's websites to the Service.

2. The Service's liability to the Partner, by any means whatsoever, is limited to the amount of 25 EUR.


1. Joining the Program means accepting the rules of the and the rules of the Program.

2. By joining the Program, Partners give their consent to receive information on the functioning of the Site and its Partners, in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Services Act of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204 of 2002). Such information will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Partner during registration in the Program.

3. reserves the right to change the provisions of these Terms and Conditions at any time after prior publication of the intended changes on the Website.

4. Partners participating in the Programme will also be notified of changes in the rules of the Programme by electronic means, 14 days before the new rules of the Programme come into force. If the Partner does not agree to any changes to these Terms and Conditions, the contract between the Partner and shall expire upon the Partner's notice.

5. The Partner is obliged to take care of the good brand of the Website, in particular the Partner should refrain from publishing negative opinions of the Website on its own websites and in any other publications. The Partner should also not allow other persons to publish negative statements about the Service on their own websites.

6. The Partner is not allowed to obtain new users of the Service by unauthorized or unethical methods. In particular, the Partner, in connection with the Program, may not violate the provisions of the Electronic Services Provision Act of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204 of 2002). Violation of the above mentioned regulations by the Partner. In connection with participation in the Programme, the Act is treated on an equal footing with the provisions of these Regulations.

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