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1. What is is a service that allows the creation of a free live chat ready to put on your website so that customers will be able to chat with you in real time.

2. How much does it cost?

Currently, there is a special promotion! Until further notice, all features of the service and use of the chat are completely FREE.

3. Is it difficult to create a chat?

The creation of a chat in our website is very simple and it does not require any specialized IT knowledge. You just need to create a new chat, decide about its look and save changes. After the above actions, we will generate for you an individual HTML code, which needs to be put on your website. Now your on-line communicator is ready for operation.

4. Can I get any help in case of problems?

For sure you will deal with the handling of our tool. Of course, in case of any problems we can help you. You can always write us a message with the use of a contact form or write to use on a chat. You can be sure that we will answer on your question.

5. What will happen when a customer wants to speak with me, and I am not online?

In this case, the client will receive a message that the conversation in a chat is impossible and he or she will be able to leave a message. We will send you this message to your e-mail address registered during the account’s registration. Thanks to this solution, the customer will be able to contact with you even when you are offline. During the reply to a message, you can also inform the customer that you are already online and invite him or her to the chat.
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Great service

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