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Different devices

Providing assistance through chat on different devices:

  • - responsive website compatible with mobile browsers
  • - possibility to integrate with Google Hangouts and receive notifications of new conversations
  • - native czater application for Android
    (in development)
Appearance edition

Extended appearance edition options:

  • adjusting the chat window color to match the client’s website
  • selecting the location of the chat window
  • traditional style or flat design
  • customized content of all messages
Multiple consultants

Multiple consultants:

  • the ability to create teams and assign consultants
  • the possibility to provide assistance simultaneously to a number of clients by different consultants
  • monitoring of clients’ evaluations of consultants
Monitoring visitors

Visitor insights:

  • monitoring current website visitors
  • access to statistics regarding the number of client visits, time spent on the site
  • the possibility to initiate conversations with clients

Accepting payments through chat:

  • - A simple way to accept payments for consultations
  • - Integration with PayU, PayPal and Dotpay online payment systems
  • - A perfect solution, for example for online teachers
Ticket management

Comfortable ticket management:

  • the possibility to respond to e-mail directly from czater
  • notifications when the e-mails are read
  • easy access to the history of correspondence for clients and consultants
Simple installation

Simple installation:

See how works and start building your clients’ trust today!