What offers?

Chat support on different devices

  1. website adapted to browsers on mobile devices
  2. the ability to integrate with Google Hangouts apps and receive notifications of new conversations
  3. desktop applications for systems Windows, Linux and MacOS (in preparation)
  4. mobile application for Android and iOS (in preparation)

computer tablet phone


  1. you can easily place it on your website. You do not need to know HTML
  2. the ability to record conversations with the client
  3. automatic selection of a free consultant
  4. very attractive price compared to the competition

Extensive options for editing the appearance

  1. adjust chat colors to the customer's site
  2. choosing the chat display location
  3. traditional style or flat design
  4. own content of all messages
  5. the ability to add your own CSS, and thus using the same chat on many pages with different appearance settings

Previewing customer messages

  1. the ability to view live news from the client (shown on the video, from the left consultant on the right client)
  2. the opportunity to start a conversation by a consultant
  3. the opportunity to issue an assessment after a customer talk

Recording customer visits


Customer database

  1. functional CRM
  2. full history of contacts with the client
  3. the ability to create reminders, notes
  4. importing your own contacts
Baza danych klientów

Accepting payments in the chat

simple acceptance of payments for consultations - an ideal solution, for example for those giving tutors and advice via chat

Integracja z Google Hangouts



Chrome browser

Android application

Hangout message

Integration with communicators

From now all conversations in one place!
You can now receive messages from your slack or facebook pages using chat. In the settings a new tab "Integration with facebook" appeared. Connection with Slack can be found in "Account" tab. After activating the function and linking accounts, all you need to do is select your website and save the changes.
From now on you can chat with slack or facebook via chat.



  1. a message when you try to leave the site (shown on video) - a fully modifiable message that allows you to stay on our website longer
  2. invitation to a conversation - automatic display of the chat window, e.g. after 10 seconds with previously entered information
  3. invitation to a phone call - automatically displays the window for entering the telephone number by the client