Phone (call back)
for your website

It changes your website's visitors into happy customers in 26 seconds.

How does it work?

  1. A customer enters your website and clicks on the call icon.
  2. He fills in the gap with his phone number.
  3. Our service will automatically connect him with a currently available consultant.
Oddzwonimy w 26 sekund

Phone or application

Our service offers two types of phone call connections between clients and consultants:

With VoiP:

  • You can record conversations
  • The number of calls depends on the bundle
  • Automatic connection with the client

With our application:

  • The calls are implemented with the consultant's mobile phone subscriptions (you don't pay extra)
  • Unlimited number of calls
  • Consultant's phone number is shown instead of ours
  • Instant phone call implementation
Aplikacja na telefon

The calls with customers can be recorded

Consultants' mistakes and customers' claims can be easily verified.

Nagrywanie rozmów

You can easily choose and customise the hours of calling availability

Our service can also detect non working days.

Godziny rozmów

Calling back by a consultant

Consultant can easily call back a customer that has contacted the website before.


Calling back by a customer

If a client has called a consultant of a company, and wishes to do it again

he doesn't have to enter their website.

He can just call the number he has been connected with before. will firstly disconect the call and then initiate another.

(available only for calls connected by

Automatic selection of available consultants connects customers only with available consultants

Wybieranie wolnego konsultanta Wybieranie wolnego konsultanta


  • An invitation for a phone call - automatically displayed window
  • After doing a specific action (for example if you put your cursor in a specific place) a window with a phone call will automatically pop up.

Attractive prices

You can use the basic version of live chat for free and the expanded version for only

5 Euro

per month.
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